Dear Faculty Members,
Please help us to give your valuable feedback for improving curriculum of the University.

Name of the Teacher:
Employee ID:
Subjects Taught:

Is the pre-requisite of the course is addressed?

If no what are the probable reasons?

Do you think that the curriculum includes various aspect of learning like fundamental, STEM, Foundation, Interdisciplinary Subjects etc.

If no which aspect should be included?

Based on your teaching experience how can we improve internship / projects / case studies/ presentations/field visits etc

Suggest the subjects required to be updated / revised in the curriculum.

Please state the name of subject/labs which require more/less duration as per your learning experience.

Name of Subject/Lab Require less Duration Name of Subject/Lab Require More Duration

Do you believe that our curriculum is well structured (Prerequisite is already covered in previous semester) for smooth delivery of content of current semester?

If no what are the probable reasons?

In your opinion do you think that course content/course outcomes are aligned with programme outcome?

Any other suggestions for making the curriculum industry ready?